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Privacy policy

The protection of personal data is of the highest importance to hhp international s.a.r.l.. For this reason, hhp international s.a.r.l. would like to take this opportunity to inform you of how we protect your privacy if you make your personal data available to us. Along with the thorough compliance with statutory data protection provisions, our intention with this notice is to bind ourselves to handle your data in complete confidentiality in order to protect your privacy at all times. It is important to us that you feel secure when visiting hhp international s.a.r.l.’s website.

What your data is used for
We would like to continually improve our product and make it more attractive for our customers. We are only able to optimise the content of hhp international s.a.r.l.’s website in accordance with customer requirements by being certain of which areas are visited most often and for the longest. Personal information is used by hhp international s.a.r.l. for the purposes of technical website administration, customer administration, product surveys and marketing. This is only ever to the extent required. The better hhp international s.a.r.l. understands the wishes and interests of its customers, the easier it is for you to find the required information on our website.

Declaration of consent cancellation
You may cancel your declaration of consent at any time with future effect. In the event of cancellation, hhp international s.a.r.l. undertakes to immediately delete personal data unless deletion breaches mandatory statutory duties to retain.
Cancellation may be sent without an official format by email or post to the following address:

hhp international s.a.r.l.
Rue des Prés 72
L-7333 Steinsel

Personal details
Requesting you to enter personal details such as address, names or telephone numbers on hhp international s.a.r.l.’s website is subject to specific data protection provisions, of which we make you aware with the following wording:

We use this data to administer customers, for the purposes of technical website administration, marketing and product surveys, and only to the extent required. Your personal data is not forwarded to third parties under any circumstances. The exception applies here to service providers and third parties acting on behalf of hhp international s.a.r.l..

Further information
General details will be collected automatically when you access hhp international s.a.r.l.’s website. These details include the type of browser and operating system used, your internet and service provider’s domain name and similar. This involves exclusively details that cannot be used to identify you. These details are also created when accessing any other website on the internet. As such, this is not a specific role of hhp international s.a.r.l.’s website. Details of this nature are only collected anonymously and only analysed by hhp international s.a.r.l. for statistical purposes.

Cookies are text files containing information used to identify repeat visitors to our website, and only for the duration of the visit. Cookies are saved to your computer’s hard drive and cause no damage to it. Our website’s cookies contain no personal data whatsoever about you. Cookies save you having to re-enter data, make it easier for you to transfer specific content, and assist hhp international s.a.r.l. in identifying particularly popular areas of its online product. This allows hhp international s.a.r.l. to accurately coordinate the website’s content with the requirements of customers. If undesired, the use of cookies can be deactivated at any time by adjusting your browser settings. Use your browser’s help function to find out how to adjust these settings.

Right to information
On request, we will inform you in writing as quickly as possible about applicable rights and laws, and whether and which personal data about you is stored by us. Where, despite our efforts regarding data security, accuracy and relevance, incorrect information about you is stored, we will correct it at your request.

Option to choose
We would like to use your data to inform customers and interested parties about our products and services, and consult with them where applicable. Of course, participation in such surveys is voluntary. Where you do not agree to this you may inform us at any time by post. In this event we will block your data immediately.

hhp international s.a.r.l. implements organisational and technical security measures in order to protect personal data provided from intentional or accidental manipulation, destruction, loss or access by unauthorised persons. These security measures will be continually adapted, improved and updated in accordance with the state of technology.

Your point of contact for security matters
For questions, complaints or applications regarding data protection, hhp international s.a.r.l.’s data protection officer Mr Timo Dehn is at your disposal. Public directory procedure under Articles 4 and 4E of the German Data Protection Act. The data protection officer provides the details requested in accordance with the law.

Name of the responsible office:

hhp international s.a.r.l.
77, Route d'Arlon
L-8311 Capellen
Tel.: +32 (0) 55 89 59 99

Purpose of collecting, processing and using data:
The company’s object is the development, manufacture and distribution of medical and wellness products.

Description of the groups of individuals and data or data categories involved: Customer and employee data, and required data from partner companies and third parties for performing the purpose.

Recipients or categories of recipients who may be sent data:
Public offices as part of an overriding legal provision
Suppliers as part of a partnership in accordance with Article 11 of the German Data Protection Act
Companies and trading organisations of hhp international s.a.r.l.
Some organisational units for performing the purpose
Deadlines for deleting data:
Multiple retention duties and deadlines apply due to statutory provisions. The corresponding data is deleted by no later than the expiry of these deadlines.

Data transfer to third parties:
The forwarding of data to third parties is not planned.

hhp international s.a.r.l. The Data Protection Officer is Bruno Nuyttens, May 2018.

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