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Explore ANDUFIT The most innovative ANDUFIT ever
ANDUFIT is more than just a mattress. At its core an innovative massage technology ensures complete relaxation before falling asleep. This enables you to fully recharge your mental and physical battery. So that you wake up full of energy, every day! ANDUFIT makes every day a pleasure.
A daily relaxing massage, in your bedroom

Imagine dozing off gently while enjoying a relaxing vibrational massage. All built-up tension and stress falls away.

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Choose your ANDUFIT modelWhether you are looking for a completely new mattress or just want to upgrade your current sleep set-up, ANDUFIT is always the right choice.

Two designs, same results ANDUFIT 22 and ANDUFIT 7 are equipped with the most innovative features and offer an unprecedented relaxation experience.
Fits perfectly under your mattress or topper ANDUFIT 7

ANDUFIT 7 is placed under your mattress or mattress topper without losing the total vibration effect. The thin under-mattress only measures 7 cm in height and is available in all possible sizes.

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Full mattress solution ANDUFIT 22

ANDUFIT 22 is the most advanced massage mattress ever. It has a height of 22 cm and is available in all possible sizes. The mattress fits on every possible type of bed.

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ANDUFIT 7 is an under-mattress of 7 cm that fits under any mattress or topper. The effect of the massage is super powerful because of its 7 Andullation motors. The vibrations easily penetrate the upper mattress and go deep into the body. The massage provides powerful blood circulation, rapid detoxification and incredibly deep relaxation.


In addition to its high-tech features, ANDUFIT 22 offers the best comfort for everyone. Two bio-comfort layers in the mattress provide adaptive support, allowing both hard and soft sleepers to find their ideal sleeping comfort. The mattress is made of sustainable organic materials and is developed to the highest standards in Germany.

No electro-smog

The ANDUFIT cover is made of natural and high-quality materials which are especially designed to prevent electro-smog.

Hard and soft foam layer

The core of ANDUFIT consists of two comfort foam layers: on one side a high-quality bio-comfort foam for firmer body support and on the other side a bio-foam for optimal soft support. Choose your favorite side

7 powerful Andullation motors

The 7 powerful Andullation motors are the heart of the ANDUFIT. These generate vibration waves which penetrate the body profoundly and have an extraordinarily positive affect. They provide powerful blood circulation, rapid detoxification and deep relaxation.

Excellent air circulation for long-lasting support

The ventilating border at the centre of ANDUFIT 22 ensures excellent air flow in the mattress. In this way, the comfort and support of ANDUFIT is guaranteed to be optimally maintained for many years.

For that fully recharged feeling after a wonderful sleep

When you fall asleep in a completely relaxed state it becomes possible to reach your ultimate resting point during the night. You will experience sleep in an unprecedented way. And you’ll be bursting with energy in the morning!

Fall asleep faster and more relaxed

ANDUFIT deeply relaxes the entire body. The daily stress and worries drop away during the massage program and you will fall asleep easily and relaxed.

Sleep deeper through the night

By falling asleep relaxed, sleepers on ANDUFIT spend a longer time in a deep sleep stage. This stage is essential in the sleep cycle and ensures physical recovery of the muscles, relaxation of body and mind, optimal recuperation and fresh energy for the next day.

Wake up fitter, healthier and stronger

After a wonderful night on ANDUFIT, you will wake up fully rested and feeling fit again. Your mental and physical battery is fully recharged.

82% falling asleep more relaxed
60% sleeping deeper
365 days waking up fit and relaxed
20 programs in the palm of your hand
Only one finger touch away

ANDUFIT offers 20 different relaxation and sleep programs, which can be easily set via remote control. Each program is optimized for specific benefits such as deep relaxation.

Discover the 20 ANDUFIT programs
Selecting a program
Duration settings
Intensity settings per body zone
General intensity setting
Switch off
Switch on
and select
program mode
Warm-up program

Loosens and warms up the muscles.

Awakening program

Activates the body and gets the metabolism going.

Detox program

Detoxifies the body and removes waste products. Helps against fluid retention and tired legs.

Vitality program

Stimulates microcirculation and provides more energy and vitality.

Relaxation program

Relaxes deep into the body.

Restless legs program

Stimulates the microcirculation in the lower legs and feet. Helps with tired lower legs and restless legs. To do this, fold the legs and place your feet flat.

Shoulder program

Relaxes hardened and tense upper back muscles and shoulders.

Back program

Relieves muscle tension in the back and loosens the back muscles.

Neck program

Relaxes neck and shoulder muscles.

Joint program

Keeps your joints supple.


Energy boost during the day.

Metabolism boost

Stimulates metabolism and body burn.

Sports program

Provides accelerated recovery after exercise.

Abdomen program

Stimulates digestion and bowel function. For this, lie flat on your stomach.

Muscle program

Relieves muscle tension and muscle spasms all over the body.

Microcirculation program

Stimulates overall microcirculation throughout the body.

Meridian program

Clears the energy pathways in the body and allows for the free flow of new energy.

Sleep-through program

Helps to relax for a better quality of sleep-through.

Falling asleep program

Relaxes the whole body and ensures falling asleep quickly.

Stress program

Helps reduce stress and increases tolerance threshold to stressors.

Fits your bed perfectly

ANDUFIT 22 fits on every bed, any slatted frame, bed frame or box spring. ANDUFIT 7 can be placed under any mattress or mattress topper. Both models are available in different sizes.

Regular bed
Box spring
Slatted frame
Storage bed
Any bed
Boost your energy with the 7 powerful Andullation motors

The 7 powerful Andullation motors provide the ultimate relaxation and energy boost every day. Developed in Germany, the high-performance motors ensure durable and long-lasting use.

ANDUFIT technology used on earth and in space

Blood flow is often a concern for astronauts in space. Because of the lack of gravity in space, they hardly use any muscles to move around and blood circulation works more slowly than on earth. Therefore, ANDUSPACE is being developed, a space suit with integrated Andullation technology. The suit provides an accelerated and powerful blood circulation and energy boost.

ANDUFIT cares for your body in so many ways

ANDUFIT applications are aimed at improving your general health and well-being. ANDUFIT is used for relaxation, recovery, pain relief, energy boost, detoxification and so much more. Your body is pampered on all levels.

SPORTS & RECUPERATION Faster recovery guarantees top performance Learn more
BACK & MUSCLE RELIEF Strengthen your back and relax your muscles Learn more
PROFOUND MENTAL RELIEF A healthy mind in a healthy body Learn more
ENERGY BOOST & WAKING UP FIT Rediscover your energy potential
PRODUCTIVITY Every great day begins with a great night
SPORTS & RECUPERATION Faster recovery guarantees top performance

Whether you are a professional or recreational sportsperson or just like to exercise on a regular basis, ANDUFIT ensures optimal relaxation of the muscles after any physical effort. After only 15 minutes, lactic acid is effectively removed and the body is re-energized.

BACK & MUSCLE RELIEF Strengthen your back and relax your muscles

ANDUFIT relaxes the back and surrounding muscles. The vibrations stimulate the production of endorphins, the body's own painkiller. ANDUFIT is therefore also suitable for people with back problems and tense muscles.

PROFOUND MENTAL RELIEF A healthy mind in a healthy body

Stress and mental strain are one of the reasons why sleep problems are so common. ANDUFIT helps you to both find the right inner balance before going to bed and achieve the ultimate point of relaxation during the night.

ENERGY BOOST & WAKING UP FIT Rediscover your energy potential

Nearly 80% of people with sleeping disorders almost never reach the stage of deep sleep, which means they do not feel rested in the morning. The longer the period of deep sleep, the better the body can recover. This can be felt the next morning, when you wake up fit, rested and full of energy.

PRODUCTIVITY Every great day begins with a great night

An optimal night's sleep not only ensures a good recovery of the body, but also delivers the best performance. With new energy, you have the power to change everything.

How do I maintain or wash ANDUFIT?

The cover of ANDUFIT can be cleaned at the dry cleaner. 

Do I need to turn ANDUFIT around sometimes?

It is not necessary to turn ANDUFIT over after a certain period of time. However, you can turn the mattress over to get a harder or softer support. 

What is Andullation technology?

Andullation is a medically certified technology based on mechanical vibrations that provides more energy, immediate pain relief, powerful blood flow, rapid detoxification and deep relaxation. 

Can anyone use ANDUFIT?

Yes, ANDUFIT is safe for everyone. 

Does ANDUFIT also exist without motors?

The ANDUFIT 7 Luxe and ANDUFIT 22 Luxe are versions without motors. These models can be used for people who do not want a massage. 

Does the ANDUFIT foam have an odor?

The bio-comfort foam is of the highest quality in ANDUFIT does not produce any odor. 

What is the difference between ANDUFIT 7 and ANDUFIT 22?

ANDUFIT 22 is a mattress of 22 cm high that fits on any bed. ANDUFIT 7 is an under mattress that you place under your mattress or mattress topper. Both models have the same positive effects on the body.

Where is ANDUFIT developed?

ANDUFIT is developed in Germany and meets all European quality and safety guidelines. 

Can people with allergies sleep on ANDUFIT?

ANDUFIT is suitable for people with allergies. 

Do I feel the motors when I sleep on ANDUFIT?

The bio-comfort foam layers in ANDUFIT enclose the motors, so they are not felt during sleep. 

Does ANDUFIT fit on any bed base?

ANDUFIT 22 fits on every bed, every bed base, slatted frame or box spring. ANDUFIT 7 fits under any mattress and mattress topper.

Does the Andufit mattress generate electro-smog?

The ANDUFIT cover is specially designed to prevent electro-smog. 

What is the warranty period?

The warranty period for the technology in ANDUFIT is 2 years. 

Does ANDUFIT fit on my bed?

ANDUFIT is available in all possible sizes. 

How thick can my current mattress be when I use ANDUFIT 7?

The vibrations of ANDUFIT 7 can be easily felt through any thickness of mattress. 

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